Funding Opportunities

MSHDA is awarded an ESG allocation annually via an annual Award Notice from HUD which varies each year. Annually MSHDA notifies each Continuum of Care (CoC) or Local Planning Body (LPB) of the award amount for their region based on a formula utilizing local population and other poverty statistics. If you have any questions about the funding process, please contact MSHDA ESG program staff at

FY2021-2022 ESG

Notice of Funding Availability (posted 6/15/21)
Application (posted 6/15/21)
Application Overview (posted 7/1/21)
Application FAQ (posted 7/1/21)
Exhibit 1 (posted 6/15/21)
Conflict of Interest Certification (posted 6/15/21)
Fair Housing Agreement (posted 6/15/21)
Lead Agency Memorandum of Understanding (posted 6/15/21)
Memorandum of Understanding (posted 6/15/21)
Single Audit Certification (posted 4/30/20)

FY2020-2021 ESG

Notice of Funding Availability (posted 7/28/20)
Application (posted 7/28/20) 
Exhibit 1 (posted 7/7/20)
Exhibit 1 Detailed Directions (posted 8/11/20)
Conflict of Interest Certification (posted 7/15/20)
Fair Housing Agreement (posted 7/15/20)
Lead Agency Memorandum of Understanding (posted 8/12/20)
Memorandum of Understanding (posted 8/12/20)
Minimum Standards for Emergency Shelter Certification (posted 7/15/20)


Notice of Funding Availability (posted 5/1/20, updated 6/4/20)
New - 2nd Round!Notice of Funding Availability Addendum (posted 11/19/20)
New - 2nd Round!- Application (posted 11/19/20)
New - 2nd Round!- Budget Component Detail (posted 11/19/20, updated 12/28/20)
Administrative Compliance Certification (posted 4/30/20)
Conflict of Interest Certification (posted 4/30/20)
Fair Housing Agreement (posted 4/30/20)

New - 2nd Round!- Memorandum of Understanding (posted 11/19/20)
Minimum Standards for Emergency Shelter Certification (posted 4/30/20)
Single Audit Certification (posted 4/30/20)