Year End Reports

Annual Year End Reporting

The following forms are for site use in filing a project's annual year end reports. All forms are posted in Adobe pdf format. Forms that may be filled out using a computer are also available in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel format.

If there are questions regarding these forms, please call 517-241-2560 or email our Compliance Monitoring Division.

Below are two Memoranda from MSHDA, dated January 20, 2017, regarding the submission of the 2016 Annual Owner’s Certification of Continuing Program Compliance (Owner’s Certification). The deadline for submission of the 2016 Owner’s Certification for all LIHTC, 1602, TCAP, HOME and NSP developments is March 1, 2017

MSHDA 2016 Annual Certification Year End Reporting Memo

Rental Certification for HOME Developments

Annual Owner Certification Upload Instruction Manual

Year End Report Forms:

Other Forms:

Optional - for property use only: