Management Agent Changes

Management Agent changes may be initiated by the development owner or MSHDA. The new proposed agent must be an approved Management Agent in order to manage a MSHDA-financed property. Any proposed change must be submitted 30-days prior to the proposed change effective date.

Management Agent Change Policy and Forms
03/20     430 - Management Agent Change Policy
03/20     430A - Agent Change Compliance Certification
03/20     430B - Pet Regulations Compliance Certification
03/20     430C - Management Agent Change Document Checklist

Additional Forms and References
06/07     201D - Pet Rules Checklist
04/18     301D - Tenant Selection Plan Checklist
06/17     401 - MSHDA-Financed Management Agreement
05/17     401S8 - Section 8 Management Agreement
06/17     401S236 - Section 236 Management Agreement
02/12     401B - Marketing Addendum to Management Agreement
04/20     425 - Employee Dishonesty/Crime Coverage Policy
03/20     440A - Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan form
02/19     450B - Identity of Interest form

If you have questions about the change process, call or e-mail:

Asset Management Coordinator
Asset Management Division
P.O. Box 30044
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-241-2560