NEP Application Form Round 6

Please Note: Submitters are highly encouraged to prepare and gather all submission form content outside of the fillable form.  There is no save feature on the MSHDA webpage and/or form itself and therefore, you may lose your data  prior.

Read the NEP Round 6 application overview and instructions.


Total NEP Funding Request Amount: 

Component A – Housing Enhancement (Exterior Only):

Component B – Public Amenity:

Component C – Housing Enhancement (Interior Only):

Component D - Administration:

Agency Name:


City, County, State:

Zip Code:

Community Population:

Nonprofit 501C3

**Qualified Non-Profit Agency is defined as entities that are currently actively servicing a neighborhood; have at least one full time equivalent employee(s), is not operating the agency via their principal residence; and has an operating budget exceeding $30,000 per year.

(must attach 501c3 certificate to be eligible) 


Qualified Local Unit of Government

*Qualified Local Unit of Government is defined as entities that are not direct recipients of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development federal funds exceeding $350,000 total allocations combined per CDBG and/or HOME program.


  Rural Community - defined as less than 5,000 in total community population

Overall Community Eligibility Verification:       % low/MOD area utilizing 2020 census data (refer to website instructions – contact Tonya Young at or if you need additional guidance)


  Uban Community



Component A: Housing Enhancement – exterior only (required) minimum of 50% of total request

Requested amount:    Proposed activity:   Proposed number of units:   Leveraged funds:


­­­­­­­­­Component B: Neighborhood/Public Amenity Enhancement maximum of 50% of total request

Requested amount:   Proposed activity:   Proposed number of units:   Leveraged funds:


Component C: Housing Enhancement (interior only)  maximum of 25% of total request

Requested amount:   Proposed activity:   Proposed number of units:   Leveraged funds:

Note: Component C activities are limited to water heaters, furnaces/boilers, electrical and plumbing.


Component D: Administration maximum of 10% of total request 
Requested amount:
  Proposed activity:   Proposed number of units:   Leveraged funds:

Example: $50,000 NEP REQUEST/PROJECT CAP IS $45,000 ADMIN CAP IS $5,000 TOTAL GRANT REQUEST OF $50,000 Note: Admin is not automatically disbursed and requires formal submission of a tracking form. Disbursement is incrementally made contingent upon actual project dollar expenditures.

Total NEP funding requested amount:

(Note:  Total must equal all amounts identified for components A-D)

***For identified leveraged funds above please attach supporting documentation and provide the following information (if applicable).



Focus all responses below on how the assistance will improve the vitality of the community through implementation within a concentrated area for high neighborhood impact.

Item #3a:

Provide a narrative summary outlining the components being requested, how the funds are anticipated to be used, the neighborhood being selected (include name and boundaries) and the staff anticipated to undertake implementation of the program. 


Item #3b:

1. For Component A and if applicable Component C describe which housing activities are planned with NEP funds, briefly describe what activities will be completed, include  proposed types of assisted units, the activities and proposed number of units involved, the other funding sources in the project, and the overall impact.

2. For Component B, where non-housing activities are planned with NEP funds briefly describe what activities will be completed, the number of public sites involved, the other funding sources in the project, and the overall impact.


If Component B is not selected enter N/A.

3. For each Component A-C:  
    How do the proposed activities tie to the organization’s housing mission.  
    Why does the organization exist?
    What elements of the organization's mission directly support the proposed project?
    Please describe organizational history. Please include anything that relates to experiences with grants and capacity to carry out this specific grant activity component.

4. If Component B – Public Amenity is Selected:  
    Is this area a center of commerce with retail shopping, services, jobs/employers and other commercial and public services/facilities and amenities within or adjacent to its boundaries?  
    Is the area strategically important because of location, high visibility, etc.?


If Component B is not selected enter N/A.

5.For each Component A, B, and/or C:

Applicant must provide one of the following:

The proposal is for multiple projects on scattered sites within the assisted area(s). A street-level map proposed assisted area(s) with the boundaries clearly identified is attached.


The proposal is for a single project; a street-level map of the neighborhood of the project site is attached, with the site clearly identified. The characteristics indicated below describe the neighborhood of the project site as indicated on the map.

In addition, provide the following:

Identify the proposed assisted area(s) (attach a map & label anchors and key areas), provide a narrative description of the area(s), and identify the rational/reason for the area(s) selection.


Identify neighborhood engagement activities/effort that are currently and/or anticipated to occur within the proposed neighborhood boundaries area.

Are the proposed NEP activities supported by current or previous neighborhood-based community involved plans?  If yes, how does this fit into the plan(s)?

Yes No


Are the proposed area(s) located in a local and/or state designated investment or incentive target area?  If yes, please provide details.

Yes No

Indicate what is known about the area that has led the applicant to identify the proposed neighborhood boundaries as a proposed project priority.  Include information such as:  What makes this area important to residents and potential residents? Who have you talked to? What have you observed? Is there any synergy you can capture? Is the safety of the residents of the area(s) currently an issue? If so, how will this project address those issues?

6. For each proposed area, provide a brief overview of the current neighborhood housing demographic composition: i.e. percentage of rental, homeowner, etc., type of housing stock composition, average structure age, occupancy rates, turnover rates, etc.   

Item #3c:  Attach a Pictorial Overview of Project.  Photographs must be clearly labeled.  Videos are also acceptable.


Item #3d: Letter(s) of Interest/Support and Local/Neighborhood Engagement


Provide dated and signed support letter(s) from the applicant and a support letter from the community (if different entities)  See Note below for Detroit Non-Profit Agency instructions.  Unsigned and/or Undated Letters will not be accepted – Letters should be on letterhead.


Local Government Citizen Participation Requirements. Local government applicants shall provide for and encourage citizen participation from all potential beneficiaries including low and moderate income persons, and minority and other traditionally disadvantaged citizens.

Provide acknowledgement letter(s) from the Local Government Director of Planning or the Chief Elected Local Government Official or the Chief Administrative Officer or the Community and Economic Development Director of the assisted area(s) verifying that this initiative has local community and neighborhood support.
Note: Detroit Non-Profit Agencies must contact Katy Trudeau via e-mail to secure a letter of support.  Her letter is required as part of the NEP eligibility parameters.


Item #3e: Sworn Financial Statement.
Provide a sworn statement dated, signed, and on letterhead from a Financial Representative, CPA, Accountant and/or Auditor certifying that your agency is either governmentally exempt or not delinquent in relation to any local, county, state or federal taxing jurisdiction property, income or business taxes.

Item #3f:  Work Plan Time Frames.

Provide a work plan (either enter plan details into the text box below or upload a file) that includes the following:
•    An overview of the Agency’s operations schedule and current staffing (include employment type, FT, PT, paid/volunteer, etc.)
•    An overview of the Agency’s and Staff Experience/Capacity/Qualifications
•    An overview of how Agency staffing will implement the proposed activities
•    A proposed implementation timeline (Estimated start date is May 1, 2021 and the Completion date December 31, 2021)
•    A description of what previous community and neighborhood work experience the Agency and identified staff have
•    A description of what previous grant management administration/oversight experience the agency and identified staff have.
•    The name/title of the main grant administrator for this project proposal and  a list of other 2021 projects anticipated to be administered simultaneously.


Item #3g: Required Program Parameters Acknowledgement Form

Please download and sign the required Program Parameters Acknowledgement Form

Upload signed form here.


Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Contact Email Address


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