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Housing Initiatives Statewide RFP Questions   Posted 11/21/17

Q1:  What are non HRF units?
A1:  Non-HRF units are defined as units not funded with the requested NEP grant dollars but are funded 100% by leveraged funding sources.

Q2:  What percentage of leverage funds? Would it leveraged per project?

A2:  There is no specific leveraged funds requirement.  All leverage would be looked at overall and not on a per project basis.  Note:  this is a highly competitive program and leveraging of other resources is evaluated within the scoring system.

Q3:  We are thinking about partnering with a 501(c)(3) community foundation for the neighborhood enhancement program and we are wondering if we can apply for a project larger than $30,000 with the rest of the project  funded by the applicant?  Will the additional funding be considered for a match to the grant and will we receive additional points for matching funds?

A3:  All applicants can apply for NEP funding up to $30,000.  We encourage partnerships and collaborations that result in a larger scaled project due to leveraging of resources.  Yes, all leveraged funding/matching dollars will be taken into consideration within the scoring system.