Michigan Opportunity Zones Referral Form

This form is intended to connect investors and/or Opportunity Funds with potential state agency resources. Please refer to the State of Michigan place-based resources at https://www.miplace.org/resources

The U.S. Department of Treasury will be providing a self-certification form.
Have you self-certified? Yes  No
If not, do you plan on self-certifying? Yes  No

Do you represent any of the following? (Choose all that apply.)

 Real Estate Company
 Local Government
 Fund Manager
 Entrepreneur / Business Owner
 Anchor Institution
 Property Developer
 Other, please describe:  

Investor / Opportunity Fund

Company Name

Address  City  State  Zip Code

Key Contact Last Name   First Name

Key Contact Email Address

Key Contact Phone Number


Identify which tracts you want to invest in. (Choose all that apply.)

 Urban    Rural    Suburban

Identify what topography / district you want to invest in. (Choose all that apply.)

 Airport / Seaport
 Other, please describe:   

List the communities or regions you plan on investing in. (See the Michigan Prosperity Regions Map)

How do you plan to engage in Opportunity Zones (OZs)? (Choose all that apply.)

 As an Opportunity Fund (OF) Manager (I plan to create an OF.)
 As a Project Sponsor (I own land, commercial property, or a business located in a designated OZ in Michigan and would like to receive investment from OFs.)
 As an Intermediary (I plan to provide professional service; e.g., legal, financial consulting to fund managers.)
 As an Investor (I would like to invest in an OF.)
 As a Community Stakeholder (I am a community leader, resident, or other stakeholder with ideas to share.)

 Other, please describe:   

What types of projects are you interested in? (Choose all that apply.)

 Low Income Housing Tax Credits
 Market Rate

Transit-Oriented Development
 Transit Service Improvements
 Road Improvements
 New or Improved Pedestrian or Bicycle Facilities 
 Airport Connections or Services

Natural Resources

 Brownfield Redevelopment
 Coastal Zone Management
 Community Pollution Prevention

Community Development
 Mixed-Use Redevelopment within Commercial Districts or Corridors
 Historic Preservation
 Infill Development
 Main Street Investment


 Small Business

 Other, please describe: 

Will you need trained employees? Yes  No 

If you have a specific project in mind, briefly describe:

Is there additional information you should provide for us to better ascertain which agency to refer you?

Will your project create short term jobs?  Yes   No
Will your project create long term jobs?  Yes   No
Will your project expand a business?  Yes   No
Will your project create a new business?  Yes   No

Disclaimer: The contact information you share on this form is not for public use unless we contact you for permission.

Michigan Opportunity Zone Referral Form Contact: If you have questions about this form, please contact Karen Gagnon, Policy Advisor, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, MSHDA-opportunityzones@michigan.gov or (517) 241-3203.


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