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MSHDA Outreach


MSHDA Outreach Team

What we do

The Outreach team provides information about housing resources and related supports Michigan residents need to maintain their housing stability. Areas of focus include homeownership, rental housing and ending homelessness, neighborhood stabilization, credit counseling and more. We engage partners, stakeholders, and legislators to spread awareness of MSHDA and partner programs and services through live and virtual housing fairs and educational workshops.

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Outreach Initiatives

The MSHDA Outreach Initiatives provide services throughout many counties and cities throughout the State of Michigan in the form of:

  • Resource fairs
  • Community engagement and involvement
  • Educational workshops and free credit counseling
  • Providing materials to reduce homelessness and create financial solvency

The MSHDA Outreach Initiatives links Michigan citizens to MSHDA resources through:

  • Legislative and governmental engagement
  • Partnering with community and faith-based organizations

Our Results

The Outreach team has become the primary source to disseminate MSHDA's programs and products to citizens. We offer relationships, partnerships, innovative social media techniques and direct community engagement via housing resource fairs.



ARE YOU BEHIND ON YOUR RENT OR ENERGY BILLS? Watch our virtual webinar if you are facing eviction, need help paying your monthly energy bill or want to know which assistance programs are available to you. MSHDA and DTE Energy representatives will share critical rental assistance, housing and energy assistance information at this meeting, and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Housing and resource fairs are designed to build health, wealth, and community. MSHDA partners with financial institutions, housing counseling agencies, local realtors, faith-based organizations, land banks, and other organizations. Learn about credit repair along with other resources through this free event. 30-minute Q&A follows. Frequently Asked Questions | SEE THE RECORDING...


See the 3/17 event flyer or read the frequently asked questions from this event. SEE THE RECORDING...



Partners and Sponsorships

Our partners play a key role in our housing resource fairs. The valuable resources our partners provide allow our team to host events that are diverse, informative and provide citizens with a variety of programs. Depending on the specific theme we utilize, the ability to secure partners who can provide resources at our event for citizens becomes paramount.

Our key partners include:

  • All departments of the State of Michigan
  • DTE
  • Comcast
  • Detroit Public Television
  • Financial institutions
  • Local and municipal units of government
  • Michigan Association of County Treasures