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PIP Lender Requirements

MSHDA-approved Participating Lenders and Community Agents can accept and process loan applications for MSHDA's Property Improvement Program (PIP).

To become a MSHDA-approved Participating PIP Lender, the lending institution must be a HUD Title I lender (or a HUD approved Supervised Loan Correspondent) and sign a participation agreement with MSHDA. An abbreviated process to gain HUD Title I approval is available if the lending institution is already approved as a HUD Title II lender.

To become a MSHDA-approved PIP Community Agent, the organization must submit an application to MSHDA and enter into an agreement with a participating lender. To qualify, the organization must be one of the following:

  • A local unit of government officially recognized as a city, county, township or village in the State of Michigan; or
  • A Community Action Agency in good standing as a CAA in accordance with Michigan P.A. 230, of 1981; or
  • A nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Michigan to administer housing related programs

MSHDA pays a fee to the Participating Lenders and Community Agents for each PIP loan they originate that is purchased by MSHDA.

If you are interested in becoming a Participating Lender or Community Agent, please contact MSHDA's Division of Homeownership.

PIP Lender Registration

PIP Lender Participation Agreement