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Michigan Housing Opportunities Promoting Energy Efficiency Program (MI-HOPE)


MSHDA is pleased to announce a statewide competitive funding round to obtain subrecipients for an energy-efficiency program. Subrecipient applications for MI-HOPE Phase 4 will be open from July 10th to August 11th. In total, the funding rounds will provide up to $27.3 million dollars statewide via the Michigan Housing Opportunities Promoting Energy-Efficiency (MI-HOPE). Program which will be an extension of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program. This funding will be made available in conjunction with $15 million dollars allocated directly to the City of Detroit and $5 million dollars allocated to The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW). MI-HOPE is a federally funded program utilizing United States Department of the Treasury American Rescue Plan (ARP) Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF). This funding will be made available statewide based on a formal subrecipient award structure to 501(c) nonprofit agencies and units of government with award determinations based on competitive funding rounds and subsequent obligation and expenditure performance.

Property Owner Application Process

MI-HOPE Application Supporting Documents
MI HOPE Application Portal Frequently Asked Questions
MI HOPE Phase 1 Master Agency Zip Codes
MI-HOPE Approved Phase 1 Subrecipients: Contact Information
MI-HOPE PHASE 2 Subrecipients Agency Address List
MI-HOPE Phase 2 Master Agency Zip Codes

MI-HOPE Check Presentations 2022

MI-HOPE Property Owner Applicant

The MI-HOPE online applicant portal is currently closed to the public. 

The MI-HOPE online applicant portal is currently closed to the public and will reopen on Monday, March 25, 2024 at 8 a.m. through Monday, April 1, 2024 at 8 a.m. Applications will be forwarded to a subrecipient agency based on zip code.

Each subrecipient agency will utilize its written program guidelines to establish funding priorities and their individual selection process and criteria. Also, each subrecipient agency may elect to collect additional documentation at their discretion.  If you need assistance completing the application, please contact MI-HOPE 211 at 844-477-0340.

All applications are subject to funding availability and may not be processed if all funding has been exhausted.

All funds will be expended prior to April 30, 2026.

To check to the status of a submitted application, please go to

Scam Alert We have received reports that there may be individuals, who are not affiliated with MSHDA nor our local partners, that are approaching homeowners and impersonating MSHDA and/or local agency staff. Please use caution: If someone is coming to the door without pre-arrangements made within the applicant portal, and not providing identity verification credentials, and are asking to come inside and/or take measurements, asking you to sign contractual documents, and/or asking for money,

More info about suspected MSHDA fraud can be found here: How to Report Fraud (

All program funding is handled by the local subrecipient agency, and these agencies pay program contractors directly. At no time will any staff from MSHDA or the local agency ask for money to begin/complete the MI-HOPE funded work.

Information for Grantee Programs

MI-HOPE Policy and Compliance Handbook
Energy Audits
MI-HOPE Press Release Template
MI-HOPE Program Checklist for Subrecipients
MI-HOPE Project Specific Checklist for Subrecipients
Moderate Income Zip Codes – Excel Spreadsheet
Affordable Housing - How to Guide

IGX/Kinetech Guidance

MI-HOPE / MICH Training Video (IGX Portal)
MI-HOPE IGX System Guide 
Signing the Grantee Contract 
Annual Profile Review - IGX
System Access - IGX
MI-HOPE Activities-IGX
Kinetech (Applicant Portal) Guidance


Kinetech Access Request Form
Kinetech Application Request Form 
Activity Review Checklist
FSR Tracker
Property Owner and Contractor Contract (Sample)
Demographic Information Form
Program Administration Report
MI-HOPE Approval and Request for Contractor Payment
MI-HOPE Household Participation Engagement Survey
Landlord Written Participation & Certification Agreement
MI-HOPE Subrecipient Participation Engagement Survey
Household Income Self Certification Form

Information for Grantee Phase 2 Programs

MI-HOPE Phase 2 Program Statement
MI-HOPE Phase 2 Policy and Compliance Handbook
MI-HOPE Phase 2 Application Instructions
MI-HOPE Phase 2 Term Sheet

Grantee Program Phase 3 Application Process

MI HOPE Phase 3 Application Instructions
MI HOPE Phase 3 Term Sheet
MI HOPE Phase 3 Program Statement

Grantee Program Phase 4 Application Process

MI HOPE Phase 4 Application Instructions  (Must read prior to submitting the application)
MI HOPE Phase 4 Program Statement
MI HOPE Phase 4 Term Sheet

In order to be placed on the notification mailing list, please send an e-mail request to MSHDA if you do not already receive MSHDA Neighborhood Housing Initiatives Division mailings.