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Online Systems

Use the Certification On-Line (COL) application for entry of Tenant Data, MIEs, Budgets, and Financial Audits.

Use the Owner's Physical Inspection Certification (OPIC) System for Physical Inspection responses.

Use the Compliance Audit Response System (CARS) for Tenant File Audit responses.

If there are any questions or problems, please e-mail:

Tenant Data: Cassandra Brown
Physical Inspection Response System: Cassandra Brown
Compliance Audit Response System: Cassandra Brown
MIEs, Budgets and Financial Audits: Nikki Miller

Certification On-Line (COL) System:
COL System (Production)

Certification On-Line (COL) Manual:
Tenant data is due the 15th of the month following the reporting period.

COL Manual: Cover and Contents - Pages 1-2
COL Manual: Getting Started-Logging In - Pages 3-6
COL Manual: Familiarizing Yourself-COL Page Layout - Pages 7-17
COL Manual: User Setup-Establishing On-Site Manager - Pages 18-29
COL Manual: Processing Annual Owner's Certifications - Pages 30-41 - obsolete
COL Manual: Unit Updates & Changes - Pages 42-55 - obsolete
COL Manual: Processing Occupancy Information - Pages 56-80
COL Manual: Uploading Building Data - Pages 81-92
COL Manual: Submission to MSHDA - Pages 93-98
COL Manual: Quick Recap & Final Checklist - Pages 99-100

MSHDA Compliance Portal:
Compliance Portal (Production)

Owner's Physical Inspection Certification (OPIC) System:
OPIC Manual Updated 08/09/2016
OPIC Frequently Asked Questions Updated 08/09/2016

Compliance Audit Response System (CARS):
CARS Manual Updated 08/09/2016
CARS Frequently Asked Questions Updated 08/09/2016

Annual Owner Certification (Certs):
Certs Manual Updated 08/09/2016

Child Support Verification System via MiLog-In:
MiChildSupport - Child Support Verification System