MSI Seating Operations 


Michigan State Industries (MSI) is no longer engaged in the manufacture or assembly of seating products.

Questions regarding warranty issues on chairs previously purchased through MSI - please call MSI Sales and Customer Service at (517) 335-3771.

Orders for State Agency purchases, and refurbishing services can be obtained by following the below guidelines and contracts.  


Modular Office Systems Furniture, Including Programming, Design, Installation, Refurbishment Services
Contract # 071B7700023  
Vendor: Haworth, Inc. 

Contract Expires: September 30, 2019
Contact Person: Phyllis Rietberg
To order, call: 616-393-1083

Comprehensive Ergonomic & General Office Seating

Contract #  071B7700074 
Vendor: Haworth, Inc.
Contract Expires:
 December 30, 2021
Contact Person: Phyllis Rietberg
To order, call: 616-393-1083

 Important Notes: 

  • All furniture requests should be submitted into MAIN with a detailed purchase description in the notepad (9100 Screen).
  • Purchases of chairs that are over $2500 will automatically be routed to Jim Clark for approval in MAIN.
  • SIF* files are required for Purchases over $5,000.  The SIF files will need to be e-mailed to the furniture mailbox  Agencies will need to include a purchase order number or requisition number for all SIF file submissions.
  • If Jim Clark has questions about any purchase under $5,000 he will contact the agency and request that the SIF file and/or additional information be submitted to the furniture mailbox.
  • A PRF will still need to be completed in iTRAC for internal use, but it does not get submitted to DTMB.
  • Natalie Spaniolo and Seleana Samuel are authorized to approve furniture requests in MAIN when Jim Clark is out of the office.
  • Please contact Jim Clark or Curt Myers if you have questions about a furniture or carpet tile request. 

DTMB Contact Information:

Jim Clark (517) 241-4495 and
Curt Myers 517 373-9633 and
Natalie Spaniolo 517 373-3696and
Seleana Samuel 517-241-2619 and

 *SIF:  An installation plan is prepared and approved in writing after critical measurements are verified on site.  A complete itemized parts list (sif file) is specified and, in the case of reconfigurations, the agency receives a sif file for new and reused product.  The itemized parts list and drawing is checked twice internally.  A total project cost summary sheet is submitted to the agency, including design and installation charges.  The agency project manager approves the proposal and submits the pricing according to the Furniture Acquisition Process.





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