Dental Services

MSI's Dental Lab is located at the Huron Valley Women's Facility, Ypsilanti, MI. The Dental Lab supplies all dental prosthetics for prisoners in Michigan.

Year-End Pricing Memo Effective October 1, 2014

Dental Factory

Denture Pricing
Product Number Price
Bite Guard, Soft 5100 $43.00
Denture, Upper or Lower 5200 $169.25
Denture, Pro Flex Full Upper or Lower 52PF $191.00
Impression Tray, Custom 5300 $20.50
Bite, Splint, Rigid 5400 $93.00
Denture, Partial 5500 $132.75
Partial Cast 55CP $255.50
Partial Pro-Flex Upper or Lower 55PF $146.00
Rebase, Denture or Partial Denture 5600 $128.00
Reline, Denture or Partial Denture 5700 $59.50
Reline, Pro-Flex, Soft Full Upper or Lower 57PF $162.25
Partial Soft Reline 57PS $82.00
Full Soft Reline 57SR $97.75
Repair, Dental Appliance 5800 $40.00
Tooth, Used in Dental Appliance Repair 5900 $5.50
Baseplate & Bite Rim 5910 $21.50
Articulation 5920 $14.50
Set-Up 5930 $64.50
Re-Set Fee 5940 $36.00
Clasp Fee 5950 $7.25

MSI Dental Services include upper and lower dentures, bite guards, partials, and more.....

The MSI Dental Lab uses a variety of excellent techniques and systems to assist in superbly fitting dentures.

The Pro-Flex system is a very unique system used in the process for relining dentures and creating flexible appliances for partials.  The Success Injection system drives resin into a closed flask to deliver precise replication of denture model.  As an alternative to the compression pack technique, injecting Lucitone 199 Denture Resin under continuous pressure fills all voids completely and compactly, eliminating the need for trail packing.  We also use a premier top of the line process for our Cast Frame Production which incorporates Vitallium products, services and technique.  These techniques are outlined below:

Pro-Flex System: 

  • Excellent for jumping existing dentures into a softer liner made of vinyl. 

  • Great for patients who have developed allergies to acrylic. 

  • For esthetic cases where unsightly metal clasps are not desired. 

  • Any appliance that needs greater retention than traditional methods will provide. 

  • Any time an appliance needs a flexible clasp. 

  • In implant cases where a soft liner is desired around anchors. 

  • Pro-flex reline material has shown to pick up little bacteria or fungus due to a unique vinyl closed celled structure. 

  • In any case where the patient wants an esthetically pleasing, comfortable, great-fitting appliance. 

Success Injection System: 

  • Creates a strong, dense prosthesis with superb adaptation to the cast. 

  • Intimate contact of flask surfaces throughout processing virtually eliminates the chance for change in vertical dimension of a case. 

  • Precision means few, if any, adjustments are necessary to properly occlude a case in the lab and deliver a great fit at chair side. 

  • Closed-flask injection: no other process is more accurate or can deliver better fit. 

Lucitone 199 Denture Resin: 

  • Offers unsurpassed performance, exceptional flexural strength and outstanding impact strength. 

  • Uncompromising protection against accidental breakage both in the lab and at home. 

  • Lifelike shades and aesthetics demanded by dentists and their patients. 

  • The most popular denture resin choice available. 

Cast Frame Production: 

  • The Premier process in the industry. 

  • Vitallium products, services, and technique. 

Pro-flex Collage 1

Dental-Success System

Dental Success and Lucitone

Dental-Lucitone 199


Dental Layout Collage

Please contact  MSI Customer Service at (517) 335-3771 for further information and ordering assistance.