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American flags Made in Michigan......

 But what you may not know-- is those stars and stripes are
manufactured by MSI Prisoners.
Prisoners at Ionia Correctional Facility (ICF) sew together the American flag while learning valuable job skills.

"The flag is absolutely beautiful!", "We are very pleased with the packaging and delivery!"
 Oakland County Services 

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PLEASE NOTE:  Contact MSI Sales & Marketing at (517) 335-3771 for further ordering assistance.

Michigan Government, State Agencies, 501(c)3 Non-profits, Private Businesses, and the Public are welcome to purchase the American Flag!! SEE INTERSTATE SALES NOTICE BELOW.

Made in Michigan flags feature denier bright type 66 SolarMax, 100% nylon,
embroidered stars, sewn stripes, and 2 brass grommets on left edge.  Flags are
double stitched for extra durability and strength.





3 X 5

1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off) 3259-3X5 $19.95
4 X 6 1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off) 3259-4X6 $29.95
4 X 6 1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off) 3259-4X6-W (Call)
3-inch white webbing
5 X 8 1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off) 3259-5X8 $47.95
  6 X 10  1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off)  3259-6X10  $65.95
  6 X 10  1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off)  3259-6X10-W (Call)
3-inch white webbing
 8 X 12 1 - 5, (over 6, 10% off) 3259-8X12 $99.95



This product is made by correctional inmates.  We are currently prohibited from selling
to customers outside of the State of Michigan unless that customer is a government
agency or a nonprofit organization that has received a 501(c)(3) designation from the
Internal Revenue Service.


Our nylon flags are made specifically for exterior use and should be displayed outdoors.
The flag can be hand washed with warm water and mild soap.  Thoroughly rinse and
spread out to air dry.  Never roll or fold your flag when it is wet or damp as this can
damage the fabric.
TIP:    You may choose to treat your flag with a fabric protection product,
303 Fabric Guard®, which waterproofs fabric and protects it from UV rays, mildew
and soiling.