Satisfaction Survey

This survey is designed to keep MSI management informed of your experience purchasing MSI products and /or services.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure how we are meeting your needs, and to keep us informed of your experience purchasing  MSI products and /or services. Please answer the below questions and add any additional comments in the box below. Click the 'Submit' button when you are finished.  We appreciate your feedback!

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MSI Order #: 
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1. Was the product/service delivered on time?

Yes No N/A

2. Were the MSI staff polite and courteous?
Yes No N/A

3. Was the product/service delivered in good condition?

Yes No N/A

4. Was the product/service good quality?

Yes No N/A

5. Would you like an MSI salesperson to contact you?

Yes No N/A

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