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    Christopher Kamrada was appointed Administrator of Michigan State Industries (MSI) on April 8th, 2018.  Kamrada earned his Accounting and Finance degree in 1992 and began his professional career as the Financial Controller of an office supply corporation in the upper peninsula of Michigan the following year.  He was an MP (Military Police) in the U.S. Army at Fort MacLellan Alabama, and continued serving his country as a member of both the Ohio and Michigan National Guard.

    Kamrada looks forward to the opportunity to improve MSI's Culture and its relationship with MDOC and the Legislature.  With a strong financial background, a LEAN management philosophy, and a servant leader mentality, Kamrada's management style empowers staff to improve their operations and communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.  He is married to his wife of 28 years and has three children.  Chris Kamrada also serves on the National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA) Board of Directors and Chairman for the Central Michigan Region. 

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Our Vision & Core Values

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    • Perseverance - Work to get the job done for our customers, co-workers and staff.
    • Accountabiliity - Hold ourselves, co-workers and staff accountable.
    • Respect - Show respect to all stakeholders.
    • Trust - Accomplish great things by trusting our co-workers and staff.
    • Net Income - Provide goods and services sufficient to support our operations.
    • Excellence - Demonstrate excellence in everything we do.
    • Resourcefulness - Encourage "Outside-The-Box" thinking to find solutions. 
    • Servant Leadership - Effective management to support staff and meet objectives.
    • Honesty - Be truthful in all endeavors.
    • Integrity - Strive to do the right thing.
    • Professionalism - Conduct business openly, respect confidentiality, communicate timely. 

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  • The "Administrators Coin Award" presented to MSI Staff who exemplify the qualities of a good leader.

MSI Annual Report

From the Administrator


    From all of us who work hard to bring you quality products and service, let me thank you for your support of Michigan State Industries (MSI).  Whether you are an employee, a customer, a partner, or a supplier I want to ensure you are aware of how much you are appreciated for all that you do for MSI, especially during these last 14 months as the world stood still and we all hunkered down to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  It has been one crazy year and we are all looking forward to the return of normality.  It is the intent of this annual report to share a little more with you about who we are and what we do.  I am passionate about our people and our program, as you'll see as you make your way through our Annual Report.  Yes, we have factories that make things, but those are byproducts of our real mission here.  As the MSI Administrator, I am extremely proud of the individuals who choose to work for this organization, and I count those blessings each day.  Pleople make the difference in any organization and in the MSI organization, people are making a difference.  Thank you for your continued support of MSI.  

    Christopher J. Kamrada, Administrator, MSI 



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