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Second Chance Employers

  • Second Chance Employers

    MSI Invites businesses throughout Michigan to become "Second Chance Employers" by hiring prisoners returning to society who have worked for MSI during their incarceration.  Private vendors and manufacturers can explore potential joint ventures.


Second Chance Employers

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  • Readiness Image

Workplace Readiness

  • Workplace Readiness

    Through Workplace Readiness instruction students are provided an overview of basic computer operations, keyboarding, using the Internet and productivity programs, computer security and computer use in daily life. Students also learn employability skills including portfolio development, interview skills and resume preparation. 
    WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system that measures a student’s “real-world” skills — skills that employers believe to be critical to job success. These tests provide nationally recognized work force readiness certification, using a Silver, Gold or Platinum rating hierarchy. 

Certificate of Employability

  • Certificate of Employability

    Prisoners who have worked at MSI enter the workforce with a Certificate of Employability which offers benefits to employers for hiring former prisoners that previously could occur when hiring ex-felons returning to the community. The hope is that these documents will remove any stigma associated with hiring such individuals while removing any risk for employers.  In addition to the industry-specific skill they learned while working at MSI, prisoners returning to society bring with them an appreciation of many soft skills: 

    • Decision
    • Making Communication
    • Listening
    • Teamwork
    • Reliability 
    • Accountability
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Punctuality
    • Adaptability

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  • Employability Image