The Michigan State Police (MSP) Hosts:  FAIR & IMPARTIAL POLICING Community Forum

This Fair & Impartial Policing (FIP) training session is designed specifically for community members and leaders; however, law enforcement agency hosts are encouraged to include sworn personnel in this training to enhance the dialogue and discussions with community members.  This training reflects a science-based approach to understanding human biases and prejudices; it is about how our minds work and how to most effectively make unbiased decisions.

Specifically, the purpose of this training is to:

  1. Enhance community members’ understanding of the science of human bias and to learn the skills to effectively reduce and manage our human biases.
  2. Allow community members to experience a customized version of the FIP training that the department is and/or will be implementing for their sworn personnel.
  3. Engage community members and law enforcement in honest discussions about the impact of biased policing on the community and the law enforcement organization.

The training session is facilitated by FIP National Instructors.

Event Overview

  • 4-hour event hosted by a FIP National Instructor.
  • The community session can be held during the day, in the evening, or on a weekend day when it is convenient for community members to attend. 

Topics Covered

  • Overview of science of bias.
  • Police and community interaction.
  • Case scenario/decision-making tree execution. 


  • 30 attendees maximum, consisting of primarily community representatives and a few law enforcement personnel.
  • There should be a diverse group of community members and leaders who represent key constituencies/stakeholders in the community.  Each community has members who are actively engaged with the law enforcement agency and for whom developing and/or enhancing the partnership with law enforcement is important.  Look to both “traditional” community partners/stakeholders, as well as to new community groups/organizations whom you hope will more fully engage with your law enforcement agency. 

The MSP Grants and Community Services Division (GCSD) will work with the hosting department to schedule a FIP Facilitator and will cover the facilitator fees and costs associated with their travel.  The hosting department may request reimbursement from the MSP after the event is held by completing the GRANTS-300 form and emailing it with supporting documentation to  

For questions or to discuss a Community Forum, contact the MSP GCSD at 517-282-6413 or