Polygraph Room

Law Enforcement agencies may contact the MSP Polygraph Section at: 

Phone:  517-636-0465
Email:  msppolygraph@michigan.gov
After hours requests:  MSP Operations - 517-241-8000

Michigan State Police (MSP) polygraph examiners are highly trained professionals. The MSP requirements to become a polygraph examiner exceed Michigan licensing requirements, calling for candidates to possess a Bachelor’s degree with behavioral science credit hours and have several years of experience with the Department. In addition, candidates must complete 10 weeks of course work at an accredited polygraph school, then intern with an experienced, fully licensed supervisor to become proficient. During the training period the intern must successfully complete specific issue polygraph examinations. Prior to becoming fully licensed a polygraph intern must pass the State of Michigan examination.

In Michigan, 40 hours of continuing education is required for polygraph examiners bi-annually to maintain licensure. The MSP promotes continual education and advocates 40 hours of training annually for their examiners. In fact, MSP polygraph examiners’ education and experience has earned the section a national reputation for excellence. MSP examiners are routinely called upon to teach interviewing and interrogation to other examiners and law enforcement personnel. MSP polygraph examiners are members of the policy making bodies of professional organizations such as the American Police Polygraphist Association and the American Polygraph Association; two organizations that help develop policy and legal standards within the profession.
MSP polygraph examiners help keep Michigan a safe place to live and work and the section is a recognized resource for law enforcement agencies across the state.