MSP Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Phase III Completion PlanOverview of Strategic Plan

In January 2013, the Michigan State Police rolled out a five-year Strategic Plan focused on Providing Service with a Purpose. This Strategic Plan served as a roadmap for the department, providing our members and customers with the goals and objectives we were working to achieve.  

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our members, the majority of initiatives undertaken in this plan were successfully accomplished.  The remaining initiatives have now been compiled into a final phase: the Phase III Completion Plan, which launched in January 2018.  This last and final phase will allow us to complete the remaining initiatives still in progress by December 31, 2018.  

Looking beyond 2018, the MSP is in the process of developing a 20-Year Vision that will build upon our Strategic goals and accomplishments helping to guide the department for years to come. 

Strategic Goals

The Michigan State Police seeks to be a world-class police agency that leads the way in adopting new and innovative policing methods and tools, providing an exceptional value for the investment.  

The department recognizes our members are our most valuable resource, without whom our mission cannot be accomplished. Investing in our members will pay dividends in the quality of service and employee retention.

At its core, the MSP is a service organization. Our commitment to superior service seeks to bring a unified and comprehensive approach to state government by applying a framework of performance management, service and process optimization, employee engagement, and change management.

  1. Provide statewide policing to enhance public safety. 
  2. Invest in our employees by providing the highest quality training and technology. 
  3. Enhance customer service by building on the department's foundation as a service organization.

View the Phase III Completion Plan.