Floyd R. Bell Jr. Civilian of the Year

1990 John McCarthy Central Records
1991 Sheila Miller Communications Division
1992 Constance Swander Grayling Lab
1993 Gregory Yon Wakefield Post
1994 Allan Dahl Stephenson Post
1995 Simona Whitby Management Services Division
1996 Dennis E. Lippert Sterling Heights Lab
1997 Lynn R. Bailey Executive Division
1998 Michelle M. Bahr State Capitol Post
1999 Mary Nemeth Fire Marshal
2000 Joy L. Curry Gaming Division
2001 Lisa M. Hicks-Betz Special Operations Division
2002 Joan M. Denemy West Branch Post
2003 Troy Ernst Grand Rapids Lab
2004 Cyndie Miller Battle Creek Post
2005 Linda S. Sorensen East Region Special Investigation Division
2006 Darlene Smith Project Office
2007 Mary M. Erickson Stephenson Post
2008 Terance Weber Richmond Post
2009 Carol Bos Criminal Investigation Division
2010 Tara Semenchuk Departmental Services Division
2011 Jacqueline Reese Office of the Director
2012 Cynthia Monroe Flint Post
2013 Teresa Rucinski Alpena Post
2014 Camela Yeck Sault Ste. Marie
2015 Brianna Briggs Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division
2016 Brian McEachern Intelligence Operations Division
2017 Connie VanHouten Wayland Post
2018 Cindy Homant State 911 Administrative Office
2019 Sarah Leist Intelligence Operations Division
2020 Kerri Hunter Grayling Post