Statement from Michigan Public Service Commission Chairman concerning gas supply

“Staff from the Gas Operations Section of the Michigan Public Service Commission is on site at Consumers Energy’s Ray Township facility in Macomb County to ensure public safety following a fire involving equipment at a gas compressor station. This unfortunate incident happened at a difficult time for our state and we ask that everyone do what they can to make sure there is a plentiful supply of natural gas to keep everyone safe and warm during the extreme cold weather. Without jeopardizing safety, there are some measures Michigan residents and businesses can take to reduce gas and electric use, such as turning thermostats down a couple of degrees, blocking leaks around windows and doors, unplugging electronic devices when not in use, and adjusting staffing or processes. All state of Michigan owned facilities in the Lower-Peninsula are lowering their thermostats by 5-degrees to lessen the burden on the natural gas supply.  Working together for the good of the state, we can reduce our energy use and maintain safe, reliable service.”