MCOLES and the CPL Law

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The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) is responsible for certifying firearm instructors and instructional programs for the purpose of providing pistol safety training to concealed pistol license applicants as required in Public Act 381 of 2000. Individuals may also receive this training through a state or national firearm training organization (e.g. NRA).

MCOLES certification will be limited to "this state training organizations" which have been defined as MCOLES approved basic training academies and MCOLES recognized law enforcement agencies. Those law enforcement agencies or regional training academies interested in participating in the delivery of the "MCOLES Pistol Safety Training Course" may obtain state certification through MCOLES. 

The following documents are in Adobe PDF icon  format. To obtain training documentation, use the links below: 

1. Certification Requirements 

a. Program
b. Instructor  

2. Certification Applications 

3. Training Objectives  

The video, titled "Civilian Carrying a Concealed Pistol Legal Overview"  is available to view or download from our Web site. Further information regarding CPL training may be obtained by viewing the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership Web site at