Fees and Payment

For more information regarding the fees for public records, see the MSP’s FOIA Procedures and Guidelines or the MSP's FOIA Written Public Summary.

For requestors that meet the indigency criteria, you may submit an Affidavit of Indigency along with your request. If you qualify, the first $20 of the fee will be waived.

Fees for MSP Records Request Portal submissions can be paid directly within the portal (which includes a $2.00 processing fee). Fees for requests submitted by email, fax, or mail can be paid using our online payment center (which includes a $2.00 processing fee).

If you prefer, you can mail a check or money order (payable to the STATE OF MICHIGAN) to Michigan State Police, Cashiers Unit, P.O. Box 30266, Lansing, Michigan 48909. To ensure proper credit, please include your CR Number (available on the FOIA letter) with your payment, or a copy of the letter.