Black Male from Detroit

Mansfield Street "John Doe" - Picture 2

Subject: Black Male
Age: 30 to 45
Height: 5'6" to 6'0"
Weight: Unknown
Date of Discovery: March 18, 2008
Location of Discovery: Detroit, Mich.
Contact: Detroit Police Department, 313-596-2260

The Detroit Police Department and the Michigan State Police are working together to identify the remains of a homicide victim found in a shallow grave on Detroit's west side in March of 2008.

On March 14, 2008, investigators were called to the alley behind 7401 Mansfield St., where a set of unidentified human remains were found buried. An anthropologist later determined that these were the remains of a black male, aged 30-45. He was 5'6"-6' in height and was wearing a black button-up, short-sleeved shirt with a dramatic Chinese-style dragon on the front and back. A black leather sandal was also found, suggesting that he had died during a warmer month.

The individual had several physical findings suggesting that he had a broken nose, several healed broken ribs and possibly had indications of lung problems during life.

A Michigan State Police forensic artist has completed a facial reconstruction from the skull of this individual. The reconstruction is the artists' rendition of what the decedent may have looked like in life.

Questions regarding the homicide case should contact Det. Gary Diaz of the Detroit Police Department's Homicide Division at 313-596-2260 . Anonymous tips can be left at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.


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