I am a representative of a law enforcement agency, PSAP, or RCC, how do I request a Public Threat Alert?

In order to request activation of the Public Threat Alert System, the law enforcement agency, PSAP, or RCC shall issue an area wide broadcast to law enforcement and 911 centers via LEIN that provides:

  • Specific information regarding the incident to meet the criteria listed above.
  • Suspect’s last known location and description, if known.
  • Suspect’s vehicle description, if known and applicable.
  • Geographic area impacted by the threat (as specific as possible, e.g. city or counties affected).

A representative of the law enforcement agency, primary PSAP, or RCC must then contact the MSP Operations Unit directly at 517-241-8000 to request activation of the Public Threat Alert System. The following information must be provided to the Operations Unit:

•    Department name
•    Requesting officer
•    Requesting officer’s contact information (direct cell phone number)