What are the criteria for issuing a Blue Alert?

The Michigan Blue Alert will be activated if the following conditions apply:‚Äč

  • A law enforcement officer has been killed or seriously injured and the law enforcement agency
    investigating the incident has information identifying an individual as a suspect connected to the
  • The law enforcement agency that is investigating the suspect determines that the suspect poses a
    serious risk or threat to the public and other law enforcement personnel.
  • The law enforcement agency investigating the suspect has obtained the suspect's name or can provide a detailed physical description of the suspect, or the suspect's vehicle, vehicle registration plate numbers or letters, or partial registration plate numbers or letters to be made available for broadcast to the public.
  • The law enforcement agency investigating the suspect recommends that the state police activate
    the blue alert.

If a Blue Alert is activated, the request is only valid for a 48-hour period. Requests for an extension must be made by contacting the MSP Operations Desk, 517-241-8000.