After Graduation

Post Placement - Several factors are taken into consideration when determining a recruit's post placement following recruit school graduation, including the recruit's performance at the Training Academy and the personnel needs of the department. Officers may be assigned to post locations throughout the entire state, including locations with weigh stations. These assignments encompass road patrol duties and weigh station operation. Weigh stations are located near the following Michigan cities: Cambridge, Coldwater, Fowlerville, Ionia, Grass Lake, Monroe, New Buffalo, Pontiac, Powers, and St. Ignace. Probationary officers may be transferred to anywhere in the state of Michigan. Motor carrier officers are members of a collective bargaining organization. Upon completion of probation, officers may request transfers as they become available throughout the state.

Field Training Officer Program - After graduation, recruits become probationary motor carrier officers assigned to posts across the state. Each new motor carrier officer is assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO) at the post and accompanies the FTO on all his/her assignments and shifts. At the completion of the probation period, which lasts approximately 17 weeks, the new motor carrier officers are approved to work alone