Visual Acuity Standard

  • Corrected vision must be 20/20 or better. 
  • Color vision - Applicants must pass Psuedoisochromatic screening plates or Farnsworth D-15 Color Perception Test (C.I.E. source C) one fail line allowed out of 15 tests under approved MacBeth-Easel lamp.  
  • Peripheral vision - Applicants must have 85 degrees temporally each eye, 35 degrees nasally each eye. Meridional scotomata shall be noted in pathology section.  
  • Applicants must have clear, comfortable binocular vision at all normal working distances and viewing angles.  Limits are five prism diopters of eso or exo deviation and two prism diopters of vertical imbalance.
  • There is no minimum for stereopsis; it is only used as a measure of fusional efficacy.
  • Applicants cannot have pathological conditions that impair visual performance.


Correction Criteria

Applicants must wear contact lenses successfully for a minimum of six months prior to the start of recruit school.  

Applicants who have undergone surgical procedures to improve vision must be examined by an MSP vision care specialist prior to the start of recruit school. The applicant must wait at least six months after the last procedure before he or she can be examined.