Why I Became a State Trooper: Tpr. Stephanie Chang

Why I Became a State Trooper: Tpr. Stephanie Chang

When I was younger, I remember that all I wanted to do in my life was to help other people. I wanted others to achieve a deeper purpose in their lives, for them to achieve their dreams, to find justice and joy. When I went to school at the University of Michigan, I learned this was called being an “ally.” It became my passion to fight injustice on a systematic and individual level. It drove me to study hard, to work hard and to stand up for others. 

Ironically, I never considered a career in law enforcement until several years after college. I had a moment when all of a sudden it became clear that I could best serve others by becoming a Michigan State Trooper. I wanted to combat human trafficking and diversify the perception of law enforcement. I was nervous throughout the application process because I didn’t know anything about guns or using force to arrest someone. I didn’t look like the average police officer and I didn’t have a background in criminal justice, but I didn’t let any of that stop me. 

In my career, I have learned that the best police officers are the ones who are committed to protecting and serving the public. It’s about heart and how much you’re willing to work for those who you love -- and even for those who you don’t know or love!

Today, as a trooper, I see people at their worst, most vulnerable moments every day. I see car crashes, criminals being arrested and crimes that rob people of their sense of peace. I witness families being torn apart because of substance abuse or domestic violence, or crying victims who don’t have anywhere else to turn. Being a trooper means that when other people are at their worst, they have someone they can rely on who will help them through their darkest moments.

Sometimes, this job is hard, but it is also very rewarding. I encourage anyone who has the fight and the heart to apply to be a Michigan State Trooper. To make a difference in your community and be a part of an elite force of respected professionals, visit mi.gov/mspjobs or email us at msprecruiting@michigan.gov.