121st Trooper Recruit School Photo Album

Graduation - Recruit school graduation photos.

Week 19 - Recruits prepared for graduation, ran their 10-mile graduation run, and took their MCOLES licensing exam.

Week 18 - Instruction in the 800 mHz radio system, interview and interrogation, environmental crimes, explosive devices, auto theft, QUAD (Quick Action Deployment) training, and the Field Training Officer program.  Recruits received their post assignments and MSP collar brass at the end of week 17.

Week 17 - Recruits prepared for their comprehensive legal exam and had their class photo taken on the capitol steps with the Executive Council.  They also completed courses in report writing, defensive tactics, and firearms.

Week 16 - Classes in warrant request and arraignment, testimony and case critique, firearms, patrols, report writing, and  controlled physical confrontation.

Week 15 - Classes in laws of evidence, tactical operations, fear management, report writing, firearms, patrols, defensive tactics, and terrorism awareness.

Week 14 - Instruction in ethics, firearms, report writing, Taser use, defensive tactics, and additional driving. Recruits also received training in civil disorder and crowd control.

Week 13 - Instruction in domestic violence, dealing with juvenile offenders, firearms, terrorism awareness, and patrols.  Recruits also received CS/OC spray exposure in defensive tactics.

Week 12 - Instruction in OWI law, firearms, defensive tactics, patrols, report writing, driving, searching and fingerprinting prisoners, and collection and preservation of evidence.

Week 11 - Instruction in driving, firearms, defensive tactics, water safety, report writing, sexual assault investigation, crime scene search, domestic violence, and sobriety testing.

Week 10 - Instruction in defensive tactics, water safety, firearms, child abuse investigation, processing crime scenes, domestic violence, legal scenarios, and driving.

Week 9 - Instruction in first aid, firearms, preliminary investigation of deaths, defensive tactics, report writing, legal scenarios, and driving; water safety training at Davis Pond; swim evaluations simulating saving a drowning victim

Week 8 - Instruction in report writing, patrols, legal, methamphetamine awareness, firearms, first aid, defensive tactics, and water safety.  Recruits were fitted for their uniforms this week.

Week 7 - Training in traffic crash investigation, uniform crash report, firearms, defensive tactics, legal, and water safety.  Recruits completed a practical exam on spinal injury management after a mock boating incident at Davis Pond.  On Friday September 19th, First Gentleman Dan Mulhern addressed recruits regarding everyday leadership.

Week 6 - Training in water safety, legal, firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, and investigating traffic crashes.  During the early morning hours of September 12th, the recruits took part in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics.

Week 5 - Instruction in laws against crime and property, laws regarding contraband, physical training, uniform traffic crash reporting, firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, report writing, patrols, and interpersonal skills

Week 4 - Continued instruction in legal, cultural awareness/diversity, firearms, defensive tactics, first aid and report writing; physical training including tank workout; daily inspection of personal appearance, rooms, weapons and general knowledge

Week 3 - Legal instruction; continued classes in motor vehicle code, defensive tactics, firearms, report writing, first aid, and patrols; swim evaluations

Week 2 - Instruction in military drill, first aid, firearms, defensive tactics, patrols, report writing, cultural awareness and diversity, and motor vehicle code

Week 1 - Orientation to academy life; military demeanor; introduction to report writing, firearms, first aid, patrols, and defensive tactics; history and organization of the Michigan State Police; interpersonal skills and stress management

Day 1 - Recruit school orientation photos 

Staff Photos - 121st Trooper Recruit School instructor photos

Welcome Video - Governor Granholm's welcome message
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