Precision Driving Programs

  • Advanced Motorcycle Safety and Survival Skills - Precision Driving Unit Advanced Motorcycle Safety and Survival

    Designed for the certified Motor Officer. The curriculum includes five hours of classroom instruction and 31 hours of hands-on training.

  • Advanced Precision Driving - Precision Driving Unit Advanced Precision Driving

    Advanced Precision Driving is a 36-hour program aimed at the in-service officer. The curriculum includes 26 hours of hands-on training and 10 hours of classroom instruction.

  • MSP Motorcycle School

    The MSP Basic Police Motorcycle Operator Program is a 92 hour program which includes five hours of classroom instruction and 87 hours of hands-on training.

  • Precision Driving Instructor Program - Precision Driving Unit Precision Driving Instructor Program

    The Precision Driving Instructor Program (2 Weeks) is designed to provide training to those individuals who will be actively involved in the training of other police officers, both in-service and recruit levels.

  • Teenage Defensive Driving Program CANCELED

    Teenage Defensive Driving is a 5-hour program aimed at the teenager. The curriculum includes 4 hours of hands-on training and 1 hour of online instruction.

  • The Psychology of Driving With Intention

    This training is designed for the officer who has been involved in crashes due to poor situational decision making. The approach of this training will be to educate the officer on strategies which use intentional objective thought in their decision-making vs. adrenaline or emotion-based thoughts. The training will include classroom instruction and a driving skills refresher.