MSP Angel Program

  • Angel Program logoFor decades, police officers have been on the front lines of the war on drugs. In an attempt to disrupt an ever-increasing supply chain, police officers often find themselves arresting drug addicts as much, if not more so, than drug dealers and traffickers. In the meantime, heroin and opioid addiction has become a severe public health concern in the United States, destroying and often ending lives.

    In 2015, the Gloucester, Massachusetts Police Department developed a revolutionary new way to fight the war on drugs by doing something about the demand; not just the supply. Under this plan, drug addicts who seek help are placed in a recovery program rather than face arrest and jail time.

    The MSP Angel Program assists individuals struggling with a substance use disorder (including alcoholism) with treatment placement. Individuals are guided through a professional substance use disorder assessment and intake process to ensure proper treatment placement. All MSP posts are currently participating in the Angel Program.

    For assistance, call 517-284-3208 during regular business hours.

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