• Heroin Grant

    The Michigan State Police (MSP) received a $1.4 million Office of Community Police Services Anti-Heroin Task Force grant in 2015.  This project will enhance the MSP’s capabilities in responding to the increasing use and abuse of heroin and prescription opioids in Michigan.  The award provides funding for four drug analysts in the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center (MIOC) to support heroin and prescription opioid investigations, and provide overtime and equipment for the state’s 22 multijurisdictional drug task forces.  A project coordinator position will lead MSP’s efforts for heroin and opioid awareness on a statewide level, develop new and innovative responses to the heroin epidemic, manage limited overtime funds to ensure maximum operational benefit, support MIOC drug analysts, and create new partnerships with the healthcare industry, K-12 schools and universities, faith-based community, and other state and local government agencies.  The MSP was one of only six state police agencies to receive this critical funding.

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