Fair & Impartial Policing

Fair & Impartial Policing® (FIP) Training for your organization is hosted by MSP, MCOLES, MSA, and MACP.  Registration needs to be completed online via MI-TRAIN at www.train.org/mi-train (course numbers are included below- please make sure to use the correct course code when registering). Preference will be given to agencies registering within the MSP district where the course is held. 

FIP Overview Brochure
FIP Statewide Training Dates Announcement
FIP Patrol Training

Commander/Mid-Manger Combination Training (MI-TRAIN course number 1080570) 
Combination of Commander and Mid-Manager Trainings.

Train-the-Trainer (TOT) Training (MI-TRAIN course number 1080306) 
TOT walks trainers through every aspect of the FIP Training Program and provides opportunities to practice teaching the modules of both curricula. Participants will receive both the recruit/patrol officers and the first-line supervisors’ curricula, including comprehensive lesson plans, trainers guide, and PowerPoint presentations to implement the training programs. These trainers will then provide classes for first-line supervisors and officers/deputies/troopers.

Patrol Training (MI-Train course number 1083856)
This curriculum is targeted to patrol / officers and instructs trainees how to understand how implicit bias impacts their job.

FIP Training Dates by MSP District

First District (Michigan State Police Headquarters, Dimondale):
Train-the-Trainer - April 9-10, 2019

Sixth District (Comfort Inn & Suites, Mt. Pleasant):
Patrol - June 25, 2019
Patrol - June 26, 2019

Seventh District (Hotel Indigo, Traverse City):
Command/Mid-Manager Combo - May 1, 2019
Patrol - May 22, 2019
Patrol - May 23, 2019