OWI Enforcement Training

OWI Training Pyramid

Michigan offers a comprehensive, three-tiered training program for law enforcement officers on the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers. Each tier builds on the previous to create a complete enforcement curriculum and ensure officers have the highest success at identifying and removing dangerous impaired drivers from the road.

These training programs were developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

SFST - Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Program 

ARIDE - Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement Program

DRE - Drug Recognition Expert Program


ARIDE Training - date and location subject to change

Date Location Registration
Dec. 12-13 Grand Haven Community Center MiTrain - course ID 1030629
Dec. 18-19 Grand Blanc Township Police Department MiTrain - course ID 1030629
Jan. 9-10 Gaylord Police Department MiTrain - course ID 1030629
Jan. 17-18 Allegan County Sheriff's Office MiTrain - course ID 1030629


SFST Training - date and location subject to change

Date Course Type Location Registration
Jan. 8-10 Practitioner Livingston County EMS Building MiTrain - course ID 1030629
Feb. 5-7 Practitioner Bloomfield Township Police Department MiTrain - course ID 1030629

**SFST Practitioner courses consist of 24 hours of training; Refresher courses consist of 4 hours of training



There is no cost to attend this federally funded OWI enforcement training. Compensation for officer time is not provided.

**UPDATE** Program Coordinators

SFST/ARIDE Coordinator - Sgt. Jim Janes, 269-921-5666, janesj@michigan.gov
DRE Program Coordinator - Mr. Michael P. Harris, 517-420-7889, harrism13@michigan.gov


SFST Proficiency Test
DRE Proficiency Test
DRE Face Sheet
DRE Rolling Log
DRE Officer Information Update Form