Title Participation Requirements

The selected campaign teams must:

  • Be student-led; students must run the campaign and execute all campaign elements
  • Have a faculty and/or adult advisor 
  • Identify a campaign goal(s) and develop and implement an evaluation of that goal(s)
  • Develop a campaign name/slogan
  • Use funds for only campaign-related activities and items
    • See guidelines for approved and unapproved purchases
    • A log of expenses must be maintained using the Expense Tracking Form and included in the final report with copies of receipts and invoices
    • Schools may not solicit monetary donations or supplement campaign funding with other school funds
    • In-kind contributions and uncompensated volunteers are permitted
  • Prepare a five to seven minute video or PowerPoint and a written summary detailing the campaign. Upload your video to YouTube and provide the link to the project manager or send your PowerPoint through Google Docs.

The campaign must:

  • Have school-wide applicability
  • Focus on at least one of the following traffic safety topics:
    • Seat belt use
    • Speeding
    • Underage drinking/impaired driving
    • Distracted Driving - texting, music, phones, passengers, etc.
    • Winter driving
  • Incorporate Ford Driving Skills for Life
  • Include at least three events or activities during the campaign dates
    • No events or activities, including evaluation, outside campaign dates; only planning and preparation may take place
    • Campaign activity period is December 15, 2017 to March 23, 2018
  • Involve the community and local media

The final report and video or PowerPoint must:

  • Be submitted by March 30, 2018, to:
Transportation Improvement Association
100 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 910
Troy, MI 48083
ATTN: S4SD Program Manager
or email to: Strive4ASaferDrive@gmail.com

* Videos can be posted on YouTube (provide link in final report summary)
  • Clearly explain the campaign
  • Describe each activity, including what was done, when, how, and the results
  • Describe how Ford Driving Skills for Life was used
  • Explain the community outreach and media involvement
  • Include the evaluation of the campaign goal(s)
  • Include the completed Expense Tracking Form with copies of receipts and invoices

NOTE: Schools may set their own guidelines and requirements for student participation on the campaign team. Strive For a Safer Drive does not have requirements on the number of students participating on the campaign team, how the students are chosen, or who/when can drop/add, who attends the Ride & Drive, etc. 

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disqualification from the judging process. Disqualified schools will be ineligible to attend the hands-on driving events. Any questions should be directed to the project manager, Mr. Tony Surman at 248-334-4971 ext. 301 or at Strive4ASaferDrive@gmail.com