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Automated Print Identification Section

The Automated Print Identification Section oversees all programs dealing with fingerprints and palm prints for law enforcement agencies in Michigan, specializing in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), Live Scan, Mobile ID, and Ten-Print Analysis and Identification Unit.

Contact the API Section: 517-242-4558

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Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

The Michigan Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a computerized system for electronically receiving fingerprints, palm prints, latent prints, photos, and tattoos. AFIS encodes, searches, and stores ten-print, ten-print palm prints, latent fingerprints, and latent palm prints. AFIS forwards data to the Criminal History System (CHS), Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI-AFIS) and the US Homeland Security/US VISIT AFIS (IDENT).

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Live Scan

Live Scan is the technique and technology used to capture finger and palm prints electronically. Live Scan is the computer equipment that collects arrest and applicant data, fingerprints, palm prints, photos, and tattoos in order to electronically submit this data to the AFIS. This section is responsible for design, support, testing, and training for Live Scan in Michigan. Agency and vendor connectivity approval is also completed through this section.

Contact Live Scan: 517-230-4423

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Mobile ID

Mobile ID

Mobile ID is the capability to capture two fingerprints in a mobile location with a handheld scanner to submit and receive positive identification to a mobile device. The API section is responsible for the design, implementation, and support of this technology for the state of Michigan. This section is also responsible for mobile submission to and responses from other AFIS such as the FBI Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC). RISC includes International Terrorist File, Wants and Warrants, Sexual Offender Registry, Known and Appropriately Suspected Terrorists, and Persons of Special Interest.

Contact Mobile ID: 517-242-5404
Ten-Print Analysis

Ten-Print Analysis and Identification Unit

Fingerprint Technicians process criminal and applicant print transactions 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This unit reviews quality, edits prints, corrects submissions when possible, and completes verifications/identifications. This unit also provides customer support on prints for all law enforcement, non-law enforcement, and latent examiners, in Michigan, other states, and counties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Law enforcement agencies and attorneys can reach the Ten-Print Analysis Unit at:

Phone: 517-284-3170

Mailing Address:
Michigan State Police
Ten-Print Analysis and Identification Unit
P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Shipping Address/Physical Address:
7150 Harris Drive
Dimondale, MI 48821

Fax: 517-284-3171

Please provide full information on the inquiring subject and if you would like the fingerprints certified.