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Common Problems with Applications

Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination (DOT Physical)

  • Same medical professional completes DOT physical and physician's statement of examination. (Must be two separate opinions.)

  • Physician marks examination certification "meets standards," and issues a card. (Should be marked Does Not Meet standard, and no card issued.)

  • Hearing and/or vision information omitted from examination report.

  • Medical Examiner does not sign and date medical examination report.

Application Intrastate Medical Waiver

  • The MC-027 or MC-030, Application for intrastate medical waiver, is incomplete. All requested information is required, including maximum miles, years experience, gross vehicle weight, disqualifying condition.

  • Select disqualifying condition is requesting the medical condition such as diabetes or vision. Leaving it blank or putting none is not acceptable.

  • The application is not signed by the company official or the applicant.

Vision Specialist Statement of Examination

  • The examination is not complete. Required information, such as vision without glasses, progressive diseases, peripheral vision and ability to recognize the colors of a traffic signal are missing. The only optional information is the section on bioptic telescopic device.

Physician Specialist Statements

  • All pages must be returned even if the section is not applicable. All sections that apply must be completed. Yes/No boxes in applicable sections are left blank.