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Emergency Communications and Interoperability

Communications interoperability is a critical component of Michigan’s emergency preparedness strategy.  Interoperable Communications is the ability of different types of radio systems and communication equipment to function as a single system.  Regardless of the type of equipment used at an emergency site, or brought to the site by a first responder, it needs to talk to all other equipment.  Interoperable communications provides the ability for emergency response personnel to communicate across disciplines to exchange voice, video and data with one another.  


It is critical that Michigan continues on the course of improving communications, interoperability, and information sharing between public safety agencies across the state and regionally with our bordering states.  In an emergency, every link in the chain is critical.


The ability to relay incident information effectively can protect the lives of emergency response personnel and Michigan citizens across the state.  From wildfires to snow storms, reliable communications between first responders is vital to the safety of the citizens of Michigan.