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Byrne JAG

Byrne JAG & RSAT Grant Application and Program Descriptions 
FY 2022 Byrne JAG application information. 

Byrne JAG & RSAT Grant Awards
View the listing of grants awarded to Michigan criminal justice agencies for FY 2019.

Byrne JAG Strategic Plan
View the current Byrne JAG Strategic Plan.

Asset Forfeiture
2021 Asset Forfeiture Report
2021 Asset Forfeiture Report Instructions
2021 Property Inventory Attachment 


MAGIC+ Instructions for Grantees

Asset Forfeiture Reports
2021 Asset Forteiture Report (covers 2020)
2020 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2019)
2019 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2018)
2018 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2017)
2017 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2016)
2016 Asset Forfeiture Report (nullified by PA 148 of 2015)
2015 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2014)
2014 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2013)
2013 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2012)
2012 Asset Forfeiture Report (covers 2011)


Narcotics Task Forces (map)