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Do a 360°

A 360 degree look at impaired driving.
A 360 degree look at impaired driving.
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There are thousands of impaired driving stories in Michigan each year. This represents just one of them. Sometimes impaired drivers make it home safely. Sometimes they don't. And sometimes, innocent people are the ones who pay the price.
Read more about the characters in our story below. They've all been affected by drinking and driving in different ways. But they've all made the decision to plan ahead.
"Last year after a party, a friend of ours drove home when she shouldn't have been driving. She seemed fine when she left... but she never made it home. Now we always choose a sober designated driver."

- The Jensen sisters
"I stopped off for a few drinks one night after work. On the way home I nodded off and ran a red light. I was lucky police sirens woke me up. I could have killed someone. Now I use a ridesharing app."

- Gary
"I've been known to have a few too many, once in a while. When that happens, I ask the bartender to get me coffee and call me a cab."

- Jake
Making a 360° plan.
Usually you'll know ahead of time you'll be having drinks. Maybe you're going to a party, a restaurant, a wedding or a concert, for example. So why not plan ahead of time how you'll safely get home?
Consider all angles of your evening to make a 360° plan:
  1. How will you get there?
    One reason people drive impaired: They don't want to leave their car behind. You won't have this problem if you take a cab, rideshare service, or choose a sober designated driver.
  2. How will you get home?
    Cab, rideshare, or a sober designated driver — plan now how you'll safely get home. There are even designated driver services in some areas that provide a ride home and may drive your car home for you as well. Another option: If you're going to a party at someone's place, ask if you can spend the night on the couch.
  3. Who's coming along?
    Don't offer to drive if you're planning to drink; plan a safe way home for everyone in your group. If your friends are driving separately, watch out for them. Remember, friends don't let friends drive drunk.
Drive sober or get pulled over.
We encourage you to plan ahead for your safety and for the safety of others. But there's one more reason: Michigan's drunk driving laws. If you are pulled over, arrested and convicted for driving while intoxicated, your license will be suspended, you will have to pay fines and spend time in jail. Don't risk it.