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Breath Alcohol Program

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Notice Regarding Use of DMT's and PBT's During COVID-19 Pandemic

Breath Test Program and Training Information


TD-003 - Purchase of Dry Gas for Preliminary Breath Tests

TD-053 - Preliminary Breath Test Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Log

Lifeloc PBT Order Form

Class I PBT Manual  

Class I PBT Operator Training

Class IIIA PBT Manual  

Class III Operator Training 


DMT Manual

OD-033 - Evidential Breath Testing Accuracy Check Log

Mouthpieces for Evidentiary Breath Instrument

DMT Training Registration


EASYCAL Calibration Station Training (Training is not currently being offered; check back at a later date.)

Blood Kits

FSD-020 - Blood Alcohol Kit Order

Questions regarding the Breath Alcohol Program should be emailed to