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Advanced Precision Driving

Advanced Precision Driving is a 36-hour program aimed at the in-service officer. The curriculum includes 26 hours of hands-on training and 10 hours of classroom instruction. The areas covered in class and reinforced during practical exercises are:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Defensive driving
  • Performance driving
  • Skid control
  • Civil liability
  • Pursuit driving
  • Night driving

A written examination will be completed. Final summary results of all test areas will be sent to the agency upon completion of training.

Class size is limited to 15 students to allow a 3-to-1 student/instructor ratio.

Michigan State Police patrol vehicles will be provided for all driving exercises.

(Mandatory for successful completion of program.)

Officers registering for the Advanced Precision Driving Program must:

  • Be a certified police officer
  • Participate in the entire 36-hour program (court appearances, etc., must be rescheduled)


Student Information Packet