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Values in Action

A handshake.

Treat Everyone With Dignity and Respect

We recognize the humanity of everyone we interact with. We seek to understand before being understood. We appreciate each other’s contributions.
Listening ear.

Exercise Patience and Empathy

We take the time to consider the perspectives of others and get to know those who we interact with. We assume people are doing the best they can.
Apple with health cross.

Take Care of Yourself and Others

We do the right thing, always. We are prepared and ready to serve. We prioritize our wellbeing and support the welfare of others at all times.
Two figures with speech bubble.

Develop Meaningful Connections

We show up in a genuine way. We take the time to learn what is important to others to move beyond transactional interactions and create lasting impact.

Be Responsive and Communicate Clearly

We treat every interaction as a customer service opportunity. We listen carefully and are thoughtful with our words because they have impact. We take ownership to understand, clarify, and share messages.
Hand with plant sprout.

Embrace Learning and Growth Opportunities

We maintain a growth mindset. We seek to strengthen our knowledge and skills. We show a willingness to go outside our comfort zone to strengthen relationships and build understanding.
Rocket ship.

Be an Advocate for Change

We encourage each other to challenge the status quo in pursuit of continual advancement. We listen with an open mind and consider not only what is, but what could be.