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Youth Opportunities

Youth Trooper Explorers training with troopers to make a traffic stop.

Youth Opportunities

Cadet Program

The Cadet Program provides training and experience in various aspects of the police profession prior to assuming the role of a sworn police officer or related position. Cadets perform a variety of law enforcement related tasks to assist state police personnel in office and post activities including ride alongs, legal training, report writing, first aid, and more. Cadets also learn interview/business etiquette including writing resumes and cover letters and appropriate attire. 

Cadets must be 18 years of age and be enrolled in high school, undergraduate, or graduate program. This is a paid part-time position with a starting pay of $16.26 an hour for those enrolled in high school or an undergraduate program and $18.90 for those enrolled in a graduate program.

Cadets apply to specific post openings and are required to attend a five day in-person school at the Training Academy within the first year of their employ.

There is a limited number of paid cadet positions.

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Trooper Explorer Program

The Michigan State Police (MSP) Trooper Explorer Program is an educational youth program designed to expose individuals to a career in law enforcement through training and mentoring by MSP troopers.

What do Trooper Explorers do?

Explorers work with troopers to learn what a law enforcement career entails, serve the community, and develop their leadership ability. Explorers attend weekly meetings supervised by a trooper. Explorers will have the opportunity to volunteer at several community events.

Explorers have opportunities to participate in:

  • Educational instruction based on law enforcement related topics.
  • Scenario-based practical exercises.
  • Leadership training and experience in leadership roles.
  • Competitions at the state and national level with other police explorer programs.
  • Community events.


  • 14-21 years old
  • Good academic standing (2.5+ GPA)
  • No felony convictions
  • Excellent moral character


Explorer posts are available at multiple Michigan State Police posts across the state. 
Trooper Explorer Program Application

Student Trooper Program

This one week academy is designed for high school students in grades 10-12 to experience the training needed to become Michigan State Police troopers. Students learn about traffic and criminal law, defensive tactics, firearms and marksmanship fundamentals, first-aid, water safety, narcotics, search and seizure, patrol tactics, crash investigations, law enforcement career opportunities, forensic science, conservation law, underwater recovery, and character issues of leadership.

Selection Criteria:

  • Have an expressed interest in law enforcement.
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Kiwanis Club requires students carry an academic grade point of 2.0 or better at the time of application; the American Legion requires an academic grade point of 2.5 or better at the time of application.
  • Be entering into grades 10, 11, or 12 in the next school year.
  • Have good health, capable of strenuous daily physical activity.
  • Have no juvenile criminal record.
  • Possess no current illness or injury.

Placements are made on a variety of criteria and therefore, it is important that you begin this process without any delays. Timeliness and completeness are a must.

For More Information:

Contact your local Michigan District of Kiwanis Club for information and registration details. Kiwanis District Office: 517-676-3837.

For information on the American Legion Student Trooper Academy you may go to or contact Ashley at 517-371-4720 ext. 23.

Internship Opportunities

The MSP offers a limited number of unpaid internships at various locations for students interested in a career in law enforcement. The MSP also offers a limited number of non-law enforcement internships as well.

Featured Internship Opportunities: No opportunities available at this time.


  • United States citizen at the time of application or have a valid student visa.
  • Enrolled in an internship program at a college or university for which you will receive course credit.
  • Submit to driving history and criminal record check:
  • Criminal history or excessive civil infraction violations will be evaluated based on seriousness, surrounding circumstances, number, and date of violations.
  • Felony convictions shall be cause for automatic disqualification.
  • Valid operator's or chauffeur's license without restrictions (except corrective lenses).*
    *required for law enforcement internships only

The worksite coordinator will work with the student intern to determine work hours and assignments, while taking into consideration the student's other employment and educational obligations, as well as the work site's operational needs.

Student internships typically last one semester (approximately 16 weeks).

Application Process for Law Enforcement Positions:

  • Contact the recruiter at the worksite you are interested in working to discuss internship possibilities.
  • Submit the Application for Internship Form PD-039 in full, at least one month prior to the anticipated start date of the internship to the worksite commander.
  • You may be required to fill out additional application forms, based on the worksite commander.
  • Your application will be reviewed and acceptable candidates will be asked to appear for an interview to determine suitability for an internship at the designated worksite.
Application for Law Enforcement Internship

Application Process for Non-Law Enforcement Positions:

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