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2021 - March
Forensic Science Division Receives Accreditation for Laboratory Analyses, Crime Scene Response

Piecing together a crime can come down to a single drop of blood. Maybe a fingerprint pulled from a car door or a bullet fragment traced back to what was once, literally, a smoking gun. The scientific work needed to connect those dots is done daily at Michigan State Police (MSP) forensic laboratories across the state. 

MSP Adds Survivor-Centered Advocates at Lansing and Flint Posts

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence have a new ally in the Michigan State Police. A victim services advocate is now available at both the Lansing and Flint posts to provide support to survivors involved in domestic or sexual assaults.

A Letter to My Younger Self

By Lt. Col. Amy Dehner, Chief Deputy Director

No matter who you are or where you work – none of us have the luxury of looking back on our life to retroactively apply lessons learned.