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State Police Completes Investigation into Death of Samuel Sterling; Releases Video from Incident

The Michigan State Police (MSP) today completed its investigation into the April 17, 2024, death of Mr. Samuel Sterling, turning the investigative report and all evidence compiled over to the Michigan Department of Attorney General who will review the case to determine whether criminal charges will result.

In the interest of transparency, the MSP is releasing video from the incident. This video is a representative sample of the compiled video and comes from three police agencies: the MSP, Grand Rapids Police Department and Wyoming Police Department, and includes three body-worn camera videos and one in-car camera video. There are multiple variations of these videos due to the number of officers on-scene, but the videos being released are the most relevant and comprehensive. Redactions have been made to conceal the identity of undercover officers and unaffiliated individuals. Viewer discretion is advised.

The MSP member driving the vehicle that struck Mr. Sterling was not wearing a body-worn camera due to his assignment on a federal task force, and the unmarked vehicle he was driving was not equipped with an in-car camera. 

Prior to releasing the video footage to the public, MSP Director Col. James F. Grady II met with the Sterling and Cage families so they could view the video footage privately.

“As Director of the Michigan State Police, I assure the Sterling and Cage families and the communities we serve that we will continue to be transparent in this investigation and will fully cooperate with the Michigan Department of Attorney General as they begin their review. The Michigan State Police has a proud tradition of service through excellence, integrity and courtesy, and we intend to uphold that standard,” Colonel Grady stated.

The MSP member who was driving the vehicle that struck Mr. Sterling remains suspended pending the outcome of the Michigan Department of Attorney General’s review and any subsequent criminal proceedings or internal investigation. The Michigan State Police Troopers Association contract prohibits the release of a member’s name or personnel file unless they are charged with a crime. 

Since this investigation is under review by the Michigan Department of Attorney General, additional information will not be released at this time. 

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