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The Helpers

Could that Mister Rogers quote about "the helpers" be the reminder we all could use right about now? 

For those not familiar, it goes like this - "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

In recent years especially, those words tend to resurface when something bad happens. And maybe we all can agree that they resonate even more so these days. 

Whether it was sharing supplies or a much-needed smile, we've witnessed a lot of good during this pandemic:

In the Caro Post area, Walmart workers donated hand sanitizer to the post for troopers. Then there was Rose Oulette, from Deckerville, who made and donated masks and also dropped off cleaning wipes to disinfect the inside of the cruisers.
Manistique Outpost troopers have partnered with a local grocery store to deliver groceries to elderly residents who are unable to get supplies on their own. 

The Paw Paw Post received "a bunch" of face masks made by a neighbor of a trooper assigned there.

When Cadillac Post troopers learned about a Manton boy's canceled birthday party, they made a quick trip out his way - each in their own blue goose. The cruisers lined his driveway and they left a gift for him to grab.

Cadillac Post troopers also participated in a police parade for a Manistee boy's fifth birthday. He watched from his driveway as officers from the area drove by and waved.  

Tropical Smoothie

In Lansing, Tropical Smoothie Café is donating drinks to 400 first responders, Lansing Post troopers included, as part of its national giveaway challenge. 

These are a tiny sample of "the helpers" doing their thing every day. We know there's been so much more. 

We want the communities we serve across Michigan to know that in these anxious and stressful times, the MSP is thankful - both to give help however we can and to be on the receiving end of your kindness. Together, we'll get through this.