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MSP Celebrates Black History Month

Graphic with text Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we'll be highlighting some of the amazing Black men & women who help make up the Michigan State Police! Every week, during Black History Month, we'll recognize one of our team members for their contributions and accomplishments.

Graphic with quote from Tpr. Cabria Shirley

This Black History Month, we celebrate Tpr. Cabria Shirley.

For Trooper Shirley, the most important part of celebrating BHM is remembering all the men and women who trailblazed the way for her.

Trooper Shirley has worked at the MSP Training Division teaching and inspiring new recruits for the last three recruit schools.

Graphic with quote from Tammy Mans

We're also celebrating Tammy Mans.

Tammy loves seeing more people celebrate and have awareness of Black History Month. It makes her proud knowing that people want to learn about the historical contributions made by African Americans.

Tammy has worked for MSP for 11 years. She recently was recognized with an award for professional excellence for her support of employees during the pandemic.

Graphic with quote from Tpr. Antonio Palmer

To wrap up Black History Month, we celebrate Tpr. Antonio Palmer.

Trooper Palmer is assigned to the Recruiting and Selection Section. He has a heart for people and a passion for recruiting and community engagement.

He has served with the MSP for six years, and previously worked as a police officer in the City of Detroit.

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