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Benefits for 100 Percent Disabled Veterans



When enrolling in the VA health care system, each veteran is assigned to a priority group. The VA uses priority groups to balance demand for VA health care enrollment with resources. Veterans with a 100 percent disability rating are eligible to enroll in Health Care Priority Group 1, with no co-payments required.


Medical benefits package includes: (link to:


Preventative care

Primary care

Specialty care

Mental health

Home health care

Dental care

Vision care

Geriatrics and extended care

Medical equipment/prosthetic items and aids

Nursing home placement

Medically related travel benefits

Hearing aids

Dependent's health care (if dependents are not eligible under TRICARE)

Foreign medical care




Service members or veterans with a permanent and total service-connected disability may be entitled to a grant from the VA to help build a new specially adapted house, adapt a home they already own or buy a house and modify it to meet their disability-related requirements. Eligible veterans or service members may now receive up to three grants, with the total dollar amount not to exceed the maximum allowable. Previous grant recipients who received assistance of less than the current maximum allowable may be eligible for an additional grant.